5 more mazes open now.


200 tonnes of carbon buried in waterville maze, 5 more mazes opening this now.


Thanks to all those who visited the maze at Topher’s Farm last year, up to 200 tonnes of carbon and 50 tonnes of nitrogen were sequestered within the soil this spring. That’s the same amount of carbon you would emit if you drove a car the distance to the moon and back 8 times!


The maze is part of the regenerative technique of using “green manure” to improve the soil health naturally, while also absorbing potent greenhouse gasses, with an adventure maze carved within for everyone to enjoy.


This year instead of one giant maze, there will be 5 separate mazes of varying difficulty. From the mini-maze (very easy) which is designed for young children, to easy, medium and hard mazes, there is something for everyone and all ages.


There’s even a pollinator maze!


The maze we plowed under this spring was from 2021, but last year’s maze is still intact!

We’ve been experimenting with fall cover crops, green manures and pollinator flowers within last year’s maze to see what kind of improvements we can make to fertility and biodiversity on our farm.


Bees, butterflies and a cornucopia of insects are flourishing in this new experiment…you can experience the entire massive 2022 maze of 5-10km with biodiversity abound!


The pre-season event starts Saturday, July 22nd with produce such as blueberries, strawberries, sweet corn and all kinds of delicious fruits and vegetables available at our kiosk.


What is the pre-season?


The maze is carved out and growing well, but not at full height. It ranges from 2 to 4 feet and while that may seem short it does not help you find the exit, even Topher gets lost in the maze while he cuts it and he’s the one who designed it!


It’s also the perfect time to visit the harder mazes with younger children as it’s easier to keep track of them.


What comes next? The main event…


Starting in August we will have an immersive story and interactive game throughout each maze.


In the past we would try our best to make our guests get lost in the maze, but this year we have decided to have people lose themselves in a fantasy story unlike any other. One that friends and family can follow and play against one another in a challenge of wits and skill!


Join us at Topher’s Farm this summer as we carve out not just pathways through our maze, but a path towards a greener and more sustainable future. Get lost in the adventure, and find yourself in the story of a lifetime.


Find us on Facebook at @fermetopher, at fermetopher.ca or just head on out to 6160 rte 143, Waterville J0B3H0.